Who We Are

Mostar is an IT company that serving both in software and design. Established since 2017; Mostar primarily focuses are on several products that includes: websites, mobile apps, IT consultation, design consulting and branding. It has the vision┬áto be a company that supports rejuvenation of the company’s business processes in Indonesia throughout IT developments, and the mission to create products that put the clients totally on ease by implementation.

As we do focusing on meeting the client’s needs, we also participate in the process of developing the potential of youth generation to earn widely-various experiences in the professional world, by involving them into the sectors such as technology, design, and management.

Six Stars of Services


Providing the best service even exceeding client expectations

Fast Response


Communicating every stage of the process

Iterative and Incremental Development


We apply the iteration method in product development

Our Clients

Contact us now to order for all your digital needs.

Our Partners

Working with Mostar Studio is highly flexible, so we are able to build a customized website. Good service. Go! go! Mostar!

Suriyono Lun, Owner
CV Sukses Karya Bersama

I’m really impressed by the good result Mostar has delivered, highly customized design and features, and plain development process as well.

Michael Wijaya, Owner
Malaikat Kucing Store

Your representatives have very helpful attitude and their attention to detail help us to move our work smoothly without any delay…good job guys

Prima Utama, IT Officer
Kirana Corp.


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